The Enchantment of Paestum’s Temples at Daniela and Pierluigi’s Wedding – Le Trabe, Paestum

April 6, 2022

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A Wedding in Paestum: Daniela and Pierluigi’s Love Story.

Daniela and Pierluigi’s wedding was a celebration of joy and fun. Two amazing individuals, surrounded by the love of their families and a host of friends!

The entire event unfolded in Paestum, starting with their preparations at a stunning villa, coincidentally named Villa Eleonora, just like me! For the ceremony, they chose our all-time favorite church, the Paleochristian Church in Paestum—a place steeped in history where stone reigns supreme. The play of light, the vibrant colors, and the overall atmosphere… we absolutely adore everything about this location!

And how could they not make the most of the breathtaking backdrop of the Paestum temples at sunset? Nietzsche once described it as, ‘It’s as if a god had constructed his dwelling here using enormous stone blocks.’ And that’s precisely the sensation it evokes! It feels like a journey into the past, a magnificent past… we are truly blessed to have such places in Campania! This is just one of the many reasons why organizing a wedding in Paestum is an exceptional choice!

The reception at Le Trabe was lively and anything but ordinary, filled with games and dancing!

Thank you, guys, for sharing so much beauty with us!

Makeup & Acconciatura: Visconti & company

Atelier: Sposapiù

Venue: Le trabe

Band: Matrimonio su misura

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