The Destination Wedding of Shelby and Adam at the beautiful Domus Laeta

December 5, 2022

Adam and Shelby’s destination wedding in Campania was truly unforgettable!

This couple, an Australian bride and an Irish groom, chose to celebrate their special day at a historic villa nestled in the hills of Cilento, surrounded by approximately thirty extraordinary friends and an exceptional DJ.

Shelby prepared herself alongside her bridesmaids, amidst cheers, songs, and toasts. Her unique bouquet, crafted from fresh hydrangeas, was lovingly prepared by her best friend. The bridal party, a stroll through the village’s charming alleys, photos on a Vespa, toasts with Peroni, and delicious Italian cuisine all contributed to the wedding’s natural and spontaneous atmosphere, infused with an authentically Mediterranean flavor.

The speeches were touching, but undoubtedly, the highlight of the day was the lively party, with dancing that continued late into the night.

We were thrilled to capture these intimate and spontaneous moments through photography. This is our preferred approach when photographing destination weddings in Campania!


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Venue: Domus Laeta