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The Art of Wedding Photography

Capturing Moments That Last a Lifetime

Your wedding day is one of the biggest moments in a couple's life, and it deserves to be captured just right. How do you achieve that?

Every wedding photographer has their own style.

We like to think of our job as a big responsibility: telling your love story by capturing those perfect moments naturally, quietly, and in the moment.

Wedding reportage is for those who see their wedding photos as a visual story: we'll be right there with you, catching those quick smiles and gestures that make your day truly special.

These pictures tell your story, and you're the author; we're here to recognize those moments and capture them so they can be cherished forever.

We're Eleonora and Luca, both partners in photography and in life. On your wedding day, we'll be there discreetly, ready to offer helpful advice without getting in the way of the fun. We'll capture every emotion, especially when you're with your loved ones.

We love sincere hugs, tears of happiness, and people who express themselves freely and fully. We love the celebration, the wild dancing, and the happiness!

Each reportage is unique and impossible to replicate.

Experience an Italian Love Dream

Destination Wedding: Italy

Italy is one of the most desired locations for destination weddings, chosen by thousands of couples from around the world every year. We've always been there for international couples who dream of getting married in Italy, helping them arrange their wedding in our beautiful land. If you're considering Italy as the perfect destination for your 'I do' day, you need a guide who can authentically capture this experience.

We capture wedding reportages in all the famous spots across the country. We're fortunate to live in Campania, just steps away from one of the most stunning and enchanting places in the world: the Amalfi Coast, with its shining pearls - Amalfi, Positano, Ravello, Sorrento.

We specialize in creating wedding reportages in Salerno and throughout Italy, aiming to provide you with a photographic story that will forever be imprinted in your memories: the allure of the location, the colors of the day, your smiles - all as part of a singular, enchanting Italian frame.

Embrace the Moment.

You're living it, we make it eternal.

On your wedding day, you experience a whirlwind of emotions. The excitement and anxiety that grow, the desire to stand before each other. Then comes the joy, the rush of adrenaline, the urge to celebrate. Each moment has a different emotion, and we'll be by your side to capture them all from the best perspective.

Handling a wedding reportage punctually and discreetly requires experience and method. Certainly, you don't want the photographer to steal the spotlight or be remembered for being intrusive: it's your day, and you're the unique protagonist.

Our job is to tell your story without interfering. Each photo will be a part of a movie you can relive forever: no poses, no forced elements. We capture candid, genuine shots, glimpses of the reality of a day you'll never forget.






The Secret to Crafting the Perfect reportage

Embracing Photography, Embracing Love

What's the key to creating the ideal wedding reportage? It’s becoming part of the moment, feeling it, living it from the inside out.

In our wedding services, we love revealing your most genuine and spontaneous selves. That's why we recognize the importance of making the couple feel at ease.Within us, you'll find not just professionalism, but also a sincere and instinctual connection. We chose to be wedding photographers because we're passionate about capturing real emotions.

We seek what truly matters: in a photo, it's not only about aesthetics, but the ability to convey the same emotional depth you're experiencing. This is where the difference between a merely beautiful photo and the perfect shot lies.

You should feel comfortable: only when you're relaxed can you truly be yourself, living and expressing what you feel. You'll be at ease, being your authentic selves, and we'll ensure you maintain that feeling from the start to the end of your special day. Let go. Smile, but not for the camera: smile with genuine happiness.

Be Inspired

Italian Loves: This is how we tell them.










We're a photographer duo specializing in wedding reportage, and we live for love. We share the same passion and artistic vision, both in work and in everyday life. We always work as a team to ensure we capture every moment of your wedding.

We offer custom packages where each service reflects your personality and desires. On your wedding day, everything should be a reflection of you.

We'll provide you with all the post-processed shots in high resolution. You'll also have access to a modern online gallery to view, share, and select your favorite photos.

Our unique and handcrafted albums, by Sarlo Album, will be perfect for your memories, allowing you to relive the photographic story of your 'I do'









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