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Destination Wedding in Ravello

Peacefulness, Romance, and Italian Essence

Ravello is the hidden gem of the Amalfi Coast. It might be small, but the view of the stunning coastline is simply breathtaking. With its vibrant colors, perfect lighting and Italian style, Ravello is the ideal spot for an intimate wedding in front of the sea's majesty.

Choosing Ravello for your wedding isn't just about picking a destination or a venue.

It's a lifestyle choice. Couples who opt for Ravello as their wedding location want to celebrate their love with timeless values like privacy, intimacy, and spontaneity.


The best wedding venues in Ravello

The Amalfi Coast is pure magic, with its stunning colors and breathtaking scenery. When it comes to exclusive weddings on the Amalfi coast, Ravello is the place to be. It's perfect for couples who want to escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy some peace, elegance, and natural beauty. The town offers a wide range of wedding venues for every taste and style.

From the timeless charm of Villa Cimbrone and the Terrazzo dell’infinito to the classic appeal of the Duomo and the church of Santa Maria a Gradillo, the natural beauty of the Princess of Piedmont's gardens and Villa Rufolo, you'll find something to suit your dreams.

Each of these venues has a unique story to tell, adding to the never-ending tale of this timeless place. Couples promise eternal love against the stunning backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea, adding their hopes and dreams to the mix. Ravello truly is the perfect destination for exclusive weddings that bring your wildest fantasies to life.

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Wedding photographer in Ravello: Let's tell your love story

We love to capture the authenticity of every moment. We take a natural approach to wedding photography, allowing the gestures, looks, and movements dictated by the emotions of the moment to unfold naturally.

That's why we prefer to think of our service as a wedding reportage: we don't like to be the center of attention, but to move discreetly, capturing the exact moments when the emotions are revealed in a genuine way.

That's also why we love shooting weddings in Ravello. It's a place that can provide an intimate dimension of privacy without losing the spectacular and aesthetic beauty. We believe that true artistic photography comes to life where what is true meets what is significant. We tell your love story without poses or filters.


A wedding reportage that reflects who you are

Our wedding photography services in Ravello are a mixture of the spirit of the place and the identity of the couple.

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